BFX Fire Apparatus


Composite Body Type 6 Engines

 Our composite technology affords the end user a lightweight option compared to other body material types. With a weight savings upwards of 40% compared to other bodies, the composite body allows the end user to carry additional water, equipment, and personnel without exceeding the chassis’ weight ratings. 


 The BFX Fire Apparatus flatbed model offers the end user high-performance alternative(s) from the “utility box” design. Built from steel or aluminum, our flatbeds are designed to be modular in regards to the platform and compartments. The flatbed model gives you customizable options. 

Metal Body

 Built to our same quality standards as the composite body, BFX Fire Apparatus’ metal body designs are true custom bodies and not commercially available service bodies. Our custom metal bodies are purposely built for the fire industry. Our metal body has true recessed doors in place of “overlapping” doors. 


 BFX Fire Apparatus Helitack Support vehicle has been a mainstay in the fire community for decades. Our latest design provides the end user with the greatest cubic storage space available while maintaining superior durability and weight savings. 

All Risk

 We understand what you do is not always about an engine/pumper. We also understand your needs are as varied as the area you work in. Let us help you come up with the All-Risk unit that meets your needs. Our experience can help you make the right choice. 

Superintendent / Commands

 OK, we get it. The superintendent unit is used by personnel in what has been described as the most varied and often hostile working environment one can imagine. Building these units for decades allows BFX to truly understand what will and what won't work!